This Book Belongs To, based on a 14th c. Psalter

Now that we’ve explained a little bit about the cover design, we are ready to share the process behind each page of Colouring History: Tudor Queens and Consorts. The book begins with a classic “This Book Belongs to” page. Most coloring books have them and it’s also fitting that this keepsake can be claimed just as one might mark a treasured Medieval manuscript. From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, illuminated manuscripts were painstakingly created by a team of highly skilled craftsman and artists, beginning with the parchment maker, continued by the scribe, illuminator, and finished by the binder.

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New Product: Elizabeth I Coronation Necklace

On January 15, 1559, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I took place in Westminster Abbey. I’ve always loved this portrait of Elizabeth I and was thrilled when Natalie chose it for one of the pages in Tudor Queens and Consorts. Not only is it a beautiful interpretation of the young queen, but the composition and intricate details translate nicely to a colouring page.


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Inside the Book: Tudor Queens and Consorts

This very first post is about the cover of Tudor Queens and Consorts. (Yes, I’m going in order, one page at a time). With our first book, The Tudors, it was almost a no-brainer to have the Tudor rose on the cover. When we decided to make book #2, we wanted to emphasize that this book was going to be a deeper look at some of the most famous women of the Tudor court. Thoughout art history, most portraiture includes symbolism about the person and the life that they led, or aimed to lead. We wanted to bring this concept of symbolism to demonstrate what our book is all about.

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